Case Study: Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

APS UK Ltd work with a number of large-scale plastic manufacturing businesses to ensure their work environment is safe and compliant for the staff and employees to operate.

A plastic packaging manufacturer recently contacted APS to address several challenges related to the generation of dust from their new recycling facility. This facility is utilised to recycle food grade plastic which is then made into dessert/yoghurt pots. It is also the first of its kind, dealing with this grade of plastic.

plastic manufacturer

The implemented dust and fume extraction system yielded numerous benefits for Berry Global including:

Improved air quality – The extraction system effectively reduced dust levels, creating a healthier and safer working environment for employees.

Enhanced operational efficiency – By mitigating the impact of dust on machinery, the system contributed to the smooth and efficient operation of the recycling facility.

Regulatory compliance – The inclusion of emission monitoring systems ensured that the facility adhered to environmental regulations, promoting sustainability.

The client was extremely satisfied with the comprehensive solution provided by APS. The successful implementation of the extraction system not only met but exceeded their expectations, addressing their concerns and optimising the overall operational environment.

In collaboration with APS UK, the plastic manufacturing business successfully overcame the challenges associated with dust generation in their plastic waste recycling facility. The full turnkey installation, coupled with the expertise of APS and its partners, resulted in improved air quality, enhanced operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

If you operate in a business that produces a large amount of dust, mist, fume, gas, or vapour get in touch with our team to ensure the safety of your staff and business.

plastic manufacturer

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