Numerous businesses commit significant investments to their processing equipment, driven by the pursuit of a competitive edge. However, they frequently fail to recognise the critical importance of effectively managing the process waste that inevitably emanates from this equipment.

APS UK has experience and expertise in waste handling of waste produced in the plastic, packaging and printing industries.

At APS, we specialise in providing efficient waste handling solutions that maximise production efficiency and contribute to environmental sustainability. We offer a range of innovative equipment and pneumatic technology to address the challenges posed by re-granulated plastic bottles and other waste plastics.

Our Core Services and Expertise:

Kongskilde Air Separation Equipment: We recommend and install unique Kongskilde air separation equipment that effectively separates and removes fines, paper labels, and other impurities from re-granulated plastic bottles and waste plastics. This process significantly enhances production efficiency by eliminating materials with different densities.

Handling Process Waste with Pneumatic Technology: Our modular pneumatic technology enables the direct conveyance of waste products, such as tops and tails from the blow moulding process and sprues from injection moulding machines, to a granulator. The waste is then either directed into a pelletizer or reintroduced directly into the production process, eliminating bottlenecks in production.

Optimum Utilisation of Raw Materials: We believe that process waste is a valuable resource, and our solutions enable the immediate recycling or re-introduction of waste materials into the production process. This approach ensures optimum utilisation of raw materials and promotes a circular economy.

Why Choose APS UK:

Environmental Consciousness: Our waste handling solutions align with environmental consciousness, as we prioritise recycling and energy recovery over landfill or burning. Together with our customers, we work towards finding alternatives that reduce the environmental impact of waste.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our waste handling systems not only contribute to environmental protection but also help reduce costs for waste handling operators.

Complete In-House Solutions: We take full ownership of our waste handling systems and equipment, from specification to assembly. This ensures a seamless and well-integrated process for our customers.

Expert Engineering and Assembly: Our products are incorporated into Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF) designs and engineered and assembled on-site, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient waste handling process.

Partner with APS UK today to optimise your waste handling process, reduce environmental impact, and unlock the true value of process waste. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and explore how our waste handling solutions can benefit your business and the environment.

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