So many companies make enormous investments in their processing equipment in order to attain a competitive edge but often overlook the need to efficiently handle the process waste generated by such equipment.

Recycling waste like tops and tails from the blow moulding process and sprues from injection moulding machines, need no longer cause problems.

At APS UK, we excel in delivering modular pneumatic waste handling solutions that streamline your production process and maximise the utilisation of valuable materials. Our focus is on reducing waste bottlenecks, freeing up manpower resources, and minimising the environmental impact of waste.

Our Core Services and Expertise:

Efficient Waste Conveyance: With our modular pneumatic technology, waste products are efficiently conveyed directly to a granulator. From there, they are directed either into a pelletizer for further processing or reintroduced directly back into the production process. This seamless handling ensures no disruptions or bottlenecks in your production.

Optimised Resource Utilisation Process: Waste is a valuable material, and our solutions empower you to achieve optimum utilisation of all raw materials. Immediate recycling or re-introduction into the production process helps minimise waste and promotes a sustainable circular economy.

Environmental Commitment: Together with our customers, we are dedicated to finding alternatives that prevent valuable materials from being wasted through landfill or burning. We prioritise environmentally conscious solutions that benefit both your business and the planet.

Why Choose APS UK

Streamlined Waste Management: Our pneumatic systems streamline waste management, freeing up valuable manpower resources and space that can be utilised for other purposes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Cost Reduction: By optimising resource utilisation and minimising waste, our solutions lead to cost reductions for waste management operators.

Tailored Products and Assemblies: Our range of products, specifically designed for waste handling, is incorporated into MRF designs, engineered, and assembled on-site to ensure seamless integration and efficient operation.

Expert Specification and Assembly: We take pride in our expertise in specifying and assembling the waste handling systems and equipment, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

Partner with APS UK today to revolutionise your waste handling process, drive sustainable practices, and achieve significant cost savings. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and explore how our modular pneumatic solutions can benefit your production process and the environment.

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