Most high speed converting and print finishing machinery continuously produces low-density solid waste.

To ensure maximum output and maintain a clean unobstructed work area, the immediate removal of this waste at source is an essential requirement which is where our trim extraction service comes into play.

At APS UK, we specialise in providing top-notch production waste handling systems, addressing waste management challenges faced by industries worldwide. We prioritise environmental sustainability and Health and Safety concerns while delivering efficient solutions for handling various waste materials.

Our Core Services and Expertise:

Tailored Waste Handling Systems: We design, manufacture, and install production waste handling systems tailored to your specific needs. Whether you deal with paper, board, foil, tissue, sticky waste, or plastic film, we have the knowledge and expertise to create the perfect solution for you.

Versatile Waste Collection: Our waste systems are versatile and capable of collecting production waste from various sources, including winders, knife trimmers, printing presses, and even floor sweepings.

Efficient Conveyance: We employ ducting to convey waste to a separation plant located elsewhere, often over a compactor or baler. We use various methods for waste pickup, such as spigot connections on winders or centralised extraction systems.

Continuous Trim Extraction: For continuous trim extraction from film, foil production machines, slitters, rewinders, and paper manufacturing machines, we utilise an in-line venturi system with modular pneumatic components. This approach conveys the trim to a waste collection/processing area efficiently.

Reclaimed Material Reuse: We enable the granulated material reclaimed from the waste to be extruded for re-use in ‘blown film’ production lines, promoting circularity and resource efficiency.

Why Choose APS UK:

Knowledge and Experience: With extensive experience in waste management systems, we understand the complexities of different waste materials and their handling requirements.

Custom Solutions: We tailor our waste handling systems to suit your unique needs, considering factors like budget, space, and timescale to provide an ideal solution.

Sustainability Focus: Our solutions are designed with environmental sustainability in mind, helping you manage waste responsibly and reduce environmental impact.

Efficiency and Productivity: APS systems enhance your waste management process, improving efficiency, reducing waste volume, and increasing productivity.

Partner with APS UK today to benefit from our expertise in production waste handling. Achieve a sustainable waste management strategy while optimising your operations. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and explore the ideal waste handling solution for your business.

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