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With over three decades of experience, APS provides end-to-end solutions for their customers. This spans from meticulous consultation, innovative design, and precision installation, all the way to rigorous commissioning and dedicated post-sales support. Our commitment to excellence shines through as we deliver unparalleled service to our customers, thereby ensuring a high level of workplace safety and productivity for your workforce.

APS Services

Dust & Fume Extraction

Efficient dust extraction not only reduces waste but also adds value to your business. By utilising our services, customers can increase productivity by mitigating the damaging impacts of dust, enhance production yields through the reclamation of raw materials, and improve equipment and machinery safeguarding, thereby reducing the financial burdens of maintenance and downtime.

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Pneumatic Conveying & Storage

With over five decades of expertise, we excel in crafting, delivering, producing, and setting up air conveying materials handling systems tailored for the plastics, paper, food, and chemical sectors.

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Trim Extraction

To ensure maximum output and maintain a clean unobstructed work area, the immediate removal of this waste at source is an essential requirement which is where our trim extraction service comes into play.

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Waste Handling

APS has experience and expertise in waste handling of waste produced in the plastic, packaging and printing industries.

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So many companies make enormous investments in their processing equipment in order to attain a competitive edge but often overlook the need to efficiently handle the process waste generated by such equipment.

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Ducting Systems

Specialising in the design and supply of ducting systems (Materials Handling Systems) and Dust and Fume Extraction Systems in many varied industries.

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We Also Help With

Design & Installation

Once a clear understanding of your exact needs is established, our team of specialists embarks on creating a tailored solution that impeccably aligns with the specifications of your facilities and operational demands.

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LEV Testing & Installation

If your company has processes that produce dust, mist, fume, gas or vapour, there may be a risk to your staff and LEV testing should be considered.

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Filters, Service & Aftercare

We specialise in providing comprehensive filter replacements and preventative maintenance services to ensure your filtration systems operate optimally, at the highest quality level, and in a cost-effective manner.

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Why Choose APS UK?

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Built on the foundations of expertise, understanding and experience, the team at APS UK has been delivering sector-leading Dust & Fume Control Systems, Pneumatic Conveying Systems and LEV Testing & Servicing for over 3 decades.

Beyond our technical expertise and vast experience, what makes APS UK stand out is our genuine commitment to understanding and accommodating your needs. We’re more than just a service provider; consider us your partners in ensuring a safe, compliant workspace.

We Consult

Understanding is key. We take the time to grasp your specific requirements, ensuring solutions tailored just for you.

We Design

With your needs as our blueprint, we craft designs that are both functional and in step with modern aesthetics.

We Install

Our team prioritises a smooth, efficient installation process, minimising disruption while focusing on optimal safety outcomes.

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Filters & Replacement

Filters & Replacement