Dust Extraction System for Leading Confectionary Manufacturer

APS UK Ltd was contacted by a leading confectionery manufacturer regarding high airborne dust levels in and around operatives’ working areas, as well as high build up on machines. This had the potential to impact both the health and safety of staff, and the quality of the product itself, if it was not promptly addressed.

The client asked APS to offer a solution to reduce airborne dust levels to as low as reasonably practical, to improve health and safety for its workforce whilst also improving the quality of the sugar coated sweet and the efficiency of the production.

dust extraction system

Benefits and Outcomes:

The implementation of the dust extraction system yielded remarkable benefits for our client. Operatives experienced a significant reduction in airborne dust levels in and around their working areas, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment. Additionally, the build-up of dust on machines was substantially reduced, positively impacting product quality.  The client expressed high satisfaction with the results, leading to new orders for future LEV projects and general ventilation modifications.

The collaboration with APS showcases the effective solution to a challenging industrial problem. By designing and implementing a tailored dust extraction system, APS not only addressed the immediate concerns related to airborne sugar dust, but also contributed to a safer and more efficient production environment. Being transparent with the customer on the industry standards required to be compliant with implementing a dust extraction system, we take the customer on a journey of learning and understanding and building a trustworthy and strong working relationship moving forward.

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