Waste Handling


So many companies make enormous investments in their processing equipment in order to attain a competitive edge but often overlook the need to efficiently handle the process waste generated by such equipment. Find out more

APS has experience and expertise in waste handling of waste produced in the plastic, packaging and printing industries.

Re-granulated plastic bottles and waste plastics often contain fines, paper labels and other impurities that reduce processing efficiency. The unique Kongskilde air separation equipment we recommend and install, increases production efficiency by separating and removing the above materials which have different densities.

Plastic waste, like tops and tails from the blow moulding process and sprues from injection moulding machines, are generated during production processes. Using our modular pneumatic technology these waste products are conveyed directly to a granulator and from there, either into a pelletizer or directly back into the production process.

Handling process waste need no longer cause a bottle neck in the production process.

A pneumatic system frees manpower resources and space for other purposes.

Process waste is a valuable material and with an APS solution, optimum utilization of all raw materials can be achieved by the immediate recycling or re-introduction into the production process.

It is a little known fact that many materials we consider to be waste can actually be recovered and used either for recycling or energy recovery. In times of environmental consciousness and the need to protect the world we live in, we would argue that our waste handling solutions are much preferable to the somewhat easier solutions of landfill or burning.

Waste Handling

Together with our customers, we are committed to finding alternatives that will avoid valuable material simply being landfilled or burned.

Furthermore, we aim to ensure that waste handling operators will reduce costs as well as reduce the environmental impact of waste.

Our range of products are incorporated into MRF (Materials Recycling Facilities) designs, engineered and assembled on site.

The waste handling systems and equipment are all specified and assembled by ourselves.


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