Roydon Granulation (St Helens)

APS UK Ltd undertook a project for a leading PET preform recycler in the UK to address their concerns regarding dust and fines in their granulated PET material.

The client aimed to enhance material quality and value while minimising material movement between processes to reduce labour costs.

Challenges Faced
The client’s granulated PET material, measuring <10mm with a bulk density of 600kg/mᶟ, presented challenges in maintaining quality during processing. Additionally, the target throughput of at least 2250kg/hr required an innovative solution that could efficiently handle the material.

Solution Provided
APS UK Ltd devised a customized cleaning and conveying system to ensure the material remained untouched from its introduction on the granulator feed conveyor until its storage in the big bag station for transportation. The key components of the solution were as follows:

Replacing the Granulator Blower: The existing granulator blower was replaced with an efficient vacuum system that directed the material towards the inlet of a de-dust KIA aspirator.

De-dust KIA Aspirator: The material was discharged into the de-dust KIA aspirator, which effectively removed dust and fines from the granulated PET.

Anti-Static System: To eliminate static and release any remaining dust particles, an anti-static system was installed on the aspirator inlet.

Twin Bag Station: A twin bag station was utilized to handle various sizes of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC’s) and collect dust and fines efficiently.

Filtration and Exhaust: Conveying air was passed through a filter manifold, capturing dust and fines, and then exhausted to the atmosphere, ensuring an improved working environment.

Benefits and Outcomes
The implemented solution yielded several significant benefits for the client:

• Enhanced Material Quality: The system drastically improved the quality and value of the granulated PET material, meeting the client’s objective of producing high-quality preforms.
• Labor Cost Reduction: Minimizing material movement between processes resulted in reduced labor costs, optimizing overall operational efficiency.
• User-Friendly Operations: The system was simple to use for operators, requiring minimal adjustments when processing different materials.
• Environmental Improvements: The system’s dust capturing and collection capabilities contributed to a cleaner and safer working environment.
• Low Maintenance: The system required minimal maintenance, resulting in cost savings and uninterrupted production.

The collaboration between APS UK Ltd and the PET preform recycler in the UK resulted in the successful implementation of a comprehensive cleaning and conveying system. This case study showcases how APS UK Ltd’s innovative solution significantly improved material quality, reduced labor costs, and contributed to a cleaner and more efficient working environment. The success of this project demonstrates APS UK Ltd’s expertise in providing tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by its clients in the recycling industry.

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