Trim Extraction


Most high speed converting and print finishing machinery continuously produces low-density solid waste. Find out more

To ensure maximum output and maintain a clean unobstructed work area, the immediate removal of this waste at source is an essential requirement which is where our trim extraction service comes into play.

Waste management is a major consideration of the production industry world-wide, not only in relation to its value as a reclaimed material, but also with regard to environmental and Health and Safety issues.

APS specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of production waste handling systems. Whether you are involved with paper, board, foil, tissue, sticky waste or plastic film, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide you with the solution.

APS waste systems are able to collect production waste from almost any source, whether it is from a winder, knife trimmer, printing press or simply swept waste from the floor.

Once collected, the waste is conveyed via ducting to a separation plant located elsewhere, typically over a compactor or baler. There are a variety of methods used to pick up waste, these may range from a simple spigot connection on a winder to a centralised extraction system.

If it’s continuous trim extraction from film, foil production machines, slitters, rewinders and paper manufacturing machines an in-line venturi system with modular pneumatic components enables the product to be conveyed to a waste collection/processing area.

Using a multicutter unit which has the capacity to handle the trims from up to four machines working simultaneously, the volume of the conveyed trim can be drastically reduced, thus removing the need for a compactor or baling machine.

trim extraction

APS Trim systems are ideally suited to high speed edge and intermediate trim waste in continuous form from ‘blown film’ production lines conveying directly into reprocessing machines.

The reclaimed granulated material can then be extruded for re-use on the ‘blown film” lines. We ensure that there is sufficient air suction and velocity achieved at the trim extraction collection inlet to maintain unity with the trim speed.

Solutions can be tailored to suit your needs and priorities. Taking into consideration your budget, space and timescale we will formulate a trim extraction solution for you.


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