APS UK Appointed UK Distributor for Lorandi Silos Srl

APS UK Appointed UK Distributor for Lorandi Silos Srl

APS UK Ltd are delighted to announce that they have been appointed as the UK distributor for Lorandi Silos Srl, bringing a new range of bulk material  storage and conveying solutions to the UK market.

APS UK Ltd have been involved in the plastics industry, supplying bulk material conveying systems, waste extraction systems, and dust and fume control systems, for over 20 years.

Lorandi Silos Srl was established in 1952, manufacturing stainless and aluminium silos, as well as vertical mixers and a full line up of bulk material conveying equipment, including big bag stands and silo loading systems.

Lorandi Stand

‘We are pleased to have the opportunity to supply Lorandi equipment in the UK. It comes as our company has seen continued growth in terms of the number of employees and turnover. Over the last 18 months, we have grown our projects team and increased the number of salesmen to better serve our customers. From our office and warehouse in York, we will be able to stock and quickly supply parts to UK customers.’ – Adrian Ogden, Managing Director, APS UK Ltd.

Both APS UK Ltd and Lorandi Srl share a passion for innovation and supplying high-quality equipment and service to customers in the plastics industry.

As the UK distributor for Lorandi we are excited to discuss our new products. If you want to find out more about the Lorandi products we supply, we would be happy to give you more information, just contact our office on 01904 215101. Or contact us at: http://apsukltd.co.uk/contact-aps-uk-ltd/

New Service and LEV Test Engineer

New Service and LEV Test Engineer

We are really pleased to introduce Lee Dickson our new Service and LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Test Engineer.

Lee is a certified LEV Engineer with P601 (Thorough Examination and Testing of Substances) and P602 (Basic Design Principles of LEV Systems) qualifications. Lee will be our primary LEV Test Engineer, helping to ensure that all our customers comply with COSHH (Control of substances Hazardous to Health) regulations that require most LEV systems to be thoroughly tested every 12-14 months.

Some of examples of when LEV Testing needs to be more frequent are:

  • Processes where blasting is carried out in, or incidental to the cleaning of metal castings in connection with their manufacture – Monthly.
  • Jute cloth manufacture – Monthly.
  • Processes, (not wet), in which metal articles (other than gold, platinum or iridium) are ground, abraded or polished using mechanical power in any room for more than 12 hrs a week – Every 6 months.
  • Processes giving off dust or fume in which non-ferrous metal castings are produced – Every 6 months*

We carry out LEV Testing across the UK, if you would like a free quotation please get in touch with our office on 01904 215101 or email us on sales@apsukltd.co.uk

*pg 85 http://www.hse.gov.uk/pUbns/priced/hsg258.pdf

We Are Exhibiting!

We Are Exhibiting!

See us on stand 23 at the Made in Yorkshire Manufacturing Exhibition on 23rd May 2019

On 23rd May 2019 we will be at the Made in Yorkshire Manufacturing Exhibition at the Centenary Pavilion, Elland Road, Leeds. This is the second time we will have attended, and we are really excited to be there.

We are stand 23 so please come along and see us. We can help with any questions you may have regarding dust or fume extraction. The HSE are also issuing new and stricter guidance on weld fumes following new evidence. If this is something that affects you, have a chat with us to ensure your workforce is protected.

We can also advise on pneumatic conveying systems. Especially for any waste or trim you might have to help make it more economical and effective. Speak to one of our sales team who will be in attendance and they will be more than happy to help.

We will have a selection of the different ducting we use available to view along with some filters and the tools used to do LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) tests.

To register for exhibition tickets follow this link: http://bit.do/eQzRN

To see our full range of services offered click here: http://apsukltd.co.uk/our-services/

For further information please contact the office on 01904 215101 or email sales@apsukltd.co.uk


APS UK growth continues with new Area Sales Manager

APS UK growth continues with new Area Sales Manager

APS UK continues its period of expansion and are pleased to welcome new Area Sales Manager John Palmer.

Based in the midlands, John will be a point of contact for the midlands and the south of the UK for dust and fume control systems.

John is bringing his knowledge and experience to the role having worked in the dust and fume control industry for over 20 years. John’s career has covered both the design and installation of full turnkey systems, to selling individual filter units for one of the leading dust extraction filter manufacturers.

John says:

“It is a pleasure to join APS UK and a great opportunity to be part of the company at such an exciting time of growth.”

To find out more about dust extraction systems, and how we could help your company, click here for more information: http://apsukltd.co.uk/our-services/dust-extraction/

If you would like further information or for a free quotation please  contact us.

Tel: 01904 215101 http://apsukltd.co.uk/contact-aps-uk-ltd/

New Sales Manager

New Sales Manager

We are pleased to welcome our new Sales Manager, James Panton to our company. This is a continuation in growth for our company and it’s staff’s specialist knowledge base.

James was formally UK Sales Manager for Kongskilde, running their UK business. He brings with him extensive knowledge of pneumatic conveying systems, waste extraction and de-dusting in the plastics industry.

APS UK are an official UK distributor of Kongskilde products. This is an area of the business that James is looking to build on.

James says:

‘After 14 years with Kongskilde UK I am very much looking forward to a new challenge with APS UK Ltd. APS are a UK dealer for Kongskilde Industrial. With their project and service department, as well as UK stock, we will be able to offer a first class service to customers within the UK and Ireland.’

If you want to read more about Pneumatic Conveying click here for more information: http://apsukltd.co.uk/our-services/pneumatic-conveying/

If you would like some further information, or a visit to discuss your company’s needs then please contact us.

Tel: 01904 215101    http://apsukltd.co.uk/contact-aps-uk-ltd/

Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day

It’s Thursday 21st June 2018 and it’s Clean Air Day. Coordinated by Global Action Plan charity, Clean Air Day is about raising awareness of air pollution – what causes it, what the effects are, and what we can do about it.

In our line of work at APS, air pollution is something we take seriously, we have started bringing in hybrid cars for our sales team, running off electric where possible. Our Directors are also taking part in Ride London (100miles!!) on the 29th July to raise money for British Lung Foundation, see their training progress and donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/apsukltd-blf

For Clean Air Day, in our office everyone is trying to do something to help. People have cycled to work rather than drive, those with hybrid cars have used only electric, everyone still having to use a car has checked their tyre pressures and one person is having a vegetarian day (vegetarian diets help reduce methane in the atmosphere).

   Zero Car Emissions

Air pollution can come from many sources, but road transport is one of the biggest. Vehicles are the main source of nitrogen dioxide in the UK (with diesels being the worst). But shockingly as a car driver you can actually be exposed to twice as much air pollution as pedestrians and nine times more than a cyclist! So another great reason to ditch the car for the bike.


  • It is estimated that 40,000 deaths each year are caused by the air we breathe when out and about.
  • Air Pollution has a bigger effect on children than it does adults. Children’s organs and immune systems are still developing and so are more susceptible.
  • Children with asthma who are exposed to higher levels of air pollution suffer more frequent chronic respiratory symptoms.
  • Air Pollution increases the risk of lung cancer (1 in 13 cases)
  • Long term exposure is also linked to the development of cardiovascular disease
  • Higher daily concentrations of air pollutants are associated with increased asthma attacks, increased hospital admissions and increased daily mortality

Things you can do to reduce air pollution

  • Walk, cycle, bus, train or car share, limit vehicle use where you can.
  • Drive an electric vehicle.
  • Switch your engine off when stationary.
  • Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated so your car is running more efficiently.
  • Consume less energy – (and save money!). Switch lights off where you can, only fill the kettle with the water you need and only run washing machines/dishwashers when full.
  • Compost- have a compost bin for garden waste/ vegetable peelings. This helps produce fertile soil and means your garden waste doesn’t have to be burned.

In the workplace (industrial)

Many industrial process also create air pollution and can be dangerous for the workforce to work in. If your business has any processes which create airborne dust and fume particles, talk to us and we can give a free quote for a bespoke system. Read in more detail about we can do here: http://apsukltd.co.uk/our-services/dust-extraction/

If you already have a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system in place, ensure it is properly maintained to efficiently protect your workforce. By HSE standards LEV systems should be tested every 12-14 months. This is also something we can help with, read more about the importance of LEV testing here: http://apsukltd.co.uk/our-services/lev-testing/

The important thing to remember is to do your best to reduce air pollution not just on Clean Air Day  but the rest of the year too!

Facts and figures are taken from www.cleanairday.org.uk and www.hse.gov.uk/lev/

 Cycle to Work


Made in Yorkshire Exhibition

Made in Yorkshire Exhibition

On Thursday 17th May APS UK will be exhibiting at the Made in Yorkshire Manufacturing Exhibition 2018.

The exhibition is Yorkshire’s biggest expo for manufacturing and a great opportunity to meet Yorkshire based companies across a wide range of manufacturing and engineering.

We can be found on stand 34 to the left of the entrance, please come along and say hi to our team and tweet us on the day @APS_UK_Limited with #MiYExpo2018.

Click here to register for your ticket.

The event runs from 8am to 3pm Thursday 17th May at The Centenary Pavilion, Leeds, LS11 0ES.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Contact us for any enquiries on 01904 215101 or http://apsukltd.co.uk/contact/


Cycling to raise money for British Lung Foundation

Cycling to raise money for British Lung Foundation

On the 29th July our Directors, Sherrie and Adrian, will be doing Ride London to raise money and awareness for the British Lung Foundation.

Ride London- Surrey is a 100mile closed road cycling event following many of the same roads from the Olympic Road Race in 2012. The course features some gruelling 1300+ meters (4300ft) in climbs, most of which is to be found between Pyrford and the summit of Leith Hill and of course the famous (or should that be infamous,) Box Hill. Of course being based in the rather flat vale of York, this bit is the hardest to train for, they are both doing their best however, and have been putting in the miles to help prepare themselves.

Sherrie and Adi have chosen to support the British Lung Foundation because in our line of business we work closely with customers across a vast range of industries protecting their workforce from air pollutants which can cause breathing and lung disorders.

Somebody dies from lung disease in the UK every 5 minutes with approximately 10,000 people in the UK diagnosed with a lung disease each week. As such workplace lung disease is one of the key topics in HSE’s Health and Work Strategy.

At APS UK Ltd we strive to help companies resolve  potentially hazardous working environments which impact on the lung health of their employees.  Adrian is also the honourable secretary on the steering committee of ILEVE (Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers), which was established to promote air quality in the workplace and to reduce ill health and death due to airborne contamination and  hazardous substances in the working environment.

Read more about our work in LEV Testing on our webpage: http://apsukltd.co.uk/our-services/lev-testing/

Please donate to this worthwhile charity and help support Sherrie and Adi with their efforts, and see their training updates, by visiting their Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/apsukltd-blf



New Project Engineer

New Project Engineer

We would like to introduce our new Project Engineer Matthew Dawkins.

Matthew has joined us after a successful career in the Mechanical and Automotive industry. He has joined our project team and will be helping to produce drawings and manage projects.

Matthew says:

“Securing the position of Project Engineer is a very exciting opportunity, allowing me to utilise my qualifications in AutoCAD along with Solidworks 3D CAD.

To join the company at such an exciting time is a great privilege and I look forward to contributing to its continued success and growth. “


We hope you will all join us in wishing him a warm welcome and you may be dealing with him soon on some of our upcoming projects!

APS provide clean air solution for bakery workers

APS provide clean air solution for bakery workers

APS UK recently worked with another Made in Yorkshire member, Yorkshire Profiles, to successfully complete a tightly scheduled project to improve dust extraction for a major Yorkshire bakery.

The project provided two downflow containment booths as the bakery was having an issue with high levels of airborne dust exposure. An existing dust collector was in place but it was old and had failed its Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) test, so a new solution was needed. The project had a very tight turnaround and APS were given just 8 weeks from order placement to complete the project and have it commissioned.

In 8 weeks a 5.5m and a 3m booth were designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned. Downflow booths provide a walk-in working area that provides constant clean air and suppresses dust clouds from forming whilst also capturing and removing airborne particles (such as flour in this instance). Air then goes through a three-stage filtration process to ensure it is kept clean.

Downflow booths provide a high level of operator protection from potentially harmful airborne contaminants generated during manual powder handling operations (such as weighing).

APS worked closely with Yorkshire Profiles who manufactured the 304 stainless steel components for the project.

The project was completed to the high standards that APS hold themselves to, even with such a tight deadline. The customer was highly satisfied and has since placed an order for another downflow booth in their new facility. Another project that APS will continue to work with Yorkshire Profiles for.

Associated Plastic Services (UK) Ltd – (APS UK) sales engineers have over 50 years combined industry knowledge and experience. APS UK specialise in designing and installing bespoke dust and fume control systems, pneumatic conveying systems and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) testing, servicing and aftercare.

Contact us via our website http://apsukltd.co.uk/contact/ for a free quotation.