Helping Critical Businesses

Helping Critical Businesses

As Britain is in lockdown to help reduce the spread and impact of Covid-19, certain critical businesses are remaining open to manufacture vital products. APS UK are proud to be able to support those businesses by helping supply spare parts, help maintain extraction systems, and in this instance install a dust extraction system, which when complete will provide protection to the system operators.

Here at APS UK we take the safety of our employees and customers very seriously. This install was an extra challenge to ensure the system could be installed as safely as possibly by ensuring social distancing and hygiene measures were adhered to. In order to achieve this it is vital to have good communication with the customer, follow our Covid-19 Risk and Method Statement, and ensure correct usage of PPE.

Critcal Businesses dust collector by crane

Each dust extraction system removes airborne dust that is created during the manufacturing process. This therefore protects the operators and other personnel, but also protects the machinery from premature breakdowns and provides a cleaner working environment.

Our installation was carried out with minimal impact on the current processes of the customer in order to ensure that they could continue manufacturing to their maximum capability. We were also ensuring through this that we maintained good social distancing from our customers employees.

If any critical businesses need urgent support with their dust extraction systems or a new system is needed to protect employees, please contact us at or phone us on 01904 215101.

We are currently operating a more limited service than usual in order to protect our employees, but we are still available to help.

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