This month marks the first anniversary for APS UK Ltd in our new building. It has been a really exciting year for us. In terms of staff we have almost doubled our number and are currently also advertising for another new role. By next March the company will have been trading for 20 years, and this year will have been its most successful and progressive.

The pictures show our new offices both before the inner build work started and currently. We had our new office designed and built, allowing us to get something that was just right for our needs, giving us a modern two-floor office and a warehouse to store our stock in. This year has also seen us take delivery of a new van for our site services engineer, complete with the new company livery, which you may have seen on the roads as it has already been driven all over the country to the many sites we work on.

Kayleigh, one of our office staff who joined full time this year, described working here as, A great opportunity to get in to an expanding business at the ground level and have the chance to develop your own role. One of the advantages we have of being a small team is that everyone has an overview of all the work we do, and it also allows each team member to have a significant impact within the company.

Throughout the year we have also been investing in training, to ensure our staff have the correct and up-to-date qualifications and knowledge; guaranteeing we deliver the best services we can. Our staff have completed First Aid courses, SSSTS Qualifications, Advanced Excel, IPAF training, and IOSH courses.

At APS UK we specialise in dust and fume extraction systems, pneumatic conveying systems and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) testing and servicing. If your company has processes that produce dust, mist, fume, gas or vapour there could be a risk to your staff. This is where we can help design and install a bespoke system to help minimise any exposure and make sure you are fully compliant with COSHH and HSE guidelines. Contact us on, or for a free quotation.